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Need help managing your payroll workflow?

PaySourceONE’s powerful payroll engine helps you group large datasets into manageable batches and customize entry grids for specific tasks (e.g. regular payroll versus quarterly bonuses). Plus, with direct time and labor connectivity, there is no need to import and export files to get your hours into payroll.

Our System Can Do The Heavy Lifting

Customizable Reporting

In addition to standard payroll reports, such as reimbursable expenditures, job costing and 401(k) distributions, PaySourceONE's Report Builder provides more than 200 templates for custom reporting with export capabilities.

PaySourceONE's software allows you to choose the most convenient option to export your reports into an Adobe PDF, Email, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Word document and more.

Multiple Payment Options

PaySourceONE's software permits multiple payment options,
including direct deposit and pay card, for a more inexpensive
but timely, efficient process.

Tax Management

PaySourceONE’s tax filing services alleviate your complicated tax management functions by managing U.S. taxes involving federal, state, local and multi-jurisdictional filing, international payroll taxes and garnishment service processing for child support, 401(k), workers’ compensation and other charitables.